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The Tahitian Pearl

Buy a jewel or a Pearl of Tahiti

Since pearl culture is a long, drawn-out task subject to the vagaries of the weather, mass pearl production is pretty much impossible. Every pearl is unique with its very own features, in the same way as the oyster it came from. As a consequence, making a pearl necklace is really hard work, as and it requires a perfect pairing of the pearls. Then again, making rings, pendants, cufflinks or tie clips is way easier. Pearl production in French Polynesia only stands for 1% of the global supply.

Available in many colors and shapes, Tahitian cultured pearls has now created a place for itself in the jewellery world. As beautiful mounted on his own as in a complement for other gems, the elegant pearl naturally adapts to fit any classic or modern creation. It particularly blends in with diamond-mounted jewels, whose brilliance brings out the purity of the pearl.

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Tahitian Pearl