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Shooting a story for the show Another Shade of Blue

This program which is broadcast on many TV channels U.S. is based on the principle of the discovery of little known and wild sites. This is a new production « Wright Productions/Tsunami Worldwide Media » of 5 people and facilitated by Mr TY SAWYER, journalist, professional photographer mandated by ISLANDS MAGAZINE.


Tahiti and its islands were chosen for this first series chronicling the adventures of a journalist traveling through beautiful scenery, Resorts, Scuba diving and Polynesian culture...

This new series will allow our destination to be exposed to U.S. and International level and affect more than 105 million homes receiving TV programs as described below :

“Another Shade of Blue, hosted by Ty Sawyer,” profiles aquatic adventure in exotic luxury locations and brings the real behind the scenes stories of travel journalism to the screen. The Show also explores the more out of the way experiences that help bring a sense of place to each destination, while experiencing activities both above and under the water, and seeking out the most unique and authentic of experiences, all of which is typical of how he explores the world when on assignment."

L’équipe est composé de :
Ty Sawyer: presenter, writer and photographer
William Wright : cameraman and producer
Jeannie Openshaw Wright : Sound and Production Assistant
Jimmy Salazar : Assistant cameraman