Tahitian Pearls in Rangiroa


Producer of tahitian pearls
in French Polynesia

Gauguin's Pearl sky view

This website will show in detail how is running a Pearl farm,
Gauguin’s Pearl, one of the most famous tahitian pearl farm of French Polynesia,
Rangiroa, which is well known for its so -called tahitian pearls.

Production & quality of Tahitian pearls


Produced for only 40 years, Tahitian Pearls, borned for about 95% in the Polynesians Waters, are distinct from other cultured pearls by their numerous natural colors, their size, grading them as big pearls and their iridescence magnified by their high quality nacre layers.

The guided tour of the pearl farm in Rangiroa


How are they produced ?
Why all these mysteries around pearls ?
How all these colors are obtained ?
What is a quality pearl ?

We try to answer most of these questions in french, in english, in japanese or in italian during the guided tour in our farm at Rangiroa.

Manapearl & La Maison de la Perle de Tahiti boutique


 You can also follow La-Maison-de-la-Perle-de-Tahiti for more informations about tahitian cultured pearls.  You will find them in Papeete – Tahiti for a visit about tahitian pearls if you had missed the guided tour in Rangiroa ! Or maybe take a tour into our famous e-commerce website Manapearl.

Oh, you have a special request ? A particular jewelry with tahitian pearls ? Contact anapa @ manapearl.com

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RANGIROA by Bacchet

RANGIROA by Bacchet